Karma Medical Wheelchairs

Karma Medical Wheelchairs

The Karma range of wheelchairs is made up of the following wheelchair types:

  • Transit Wheelchairs
  • Childrens Wheelchairs
  • Self Propel Wheelchairs
  • Bariatric Wheelchairs
  • Electric Wheelchairs

About Esteem Wheelchairs

Karma Medical was established in 1987 to concentrate exclusively on aluminium wheelchairs. They produced Taiwan’s first aluminium model that year and have been producing well built and affordable wheelchairs since then. The first aluminium power chair was added to the range in 1995.

Karma Mobility took over the exclusive distribution rights for the UK and Eire in 1999. This was the same year that Karma Medical opened a new manufacturing facility in Thailand to cope with growing worldwide demand.

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The KARMA family includes the following brand names:

  • KARMA™
  • SOMA™
  • Discovery™

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