Esteem Wheelchairs

Esteem Wheelchairs
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The Esteem Wheelchairs range is From Ugo Ltd in the UK.

They sell their wheelchairs from their UK Wheelchairs website.

The Esteem range of wheelchairs is made up from the following wheelchair types:

  • Transit Wheelchairs
  • Childrens Wheelchairs
  • Self Propel Wheelchairs
  • Bariatric Wheelchairs
  • Electric Wheelchairs

About Esteem Wheelchairs

The company was set up to provide a superior mobility service to the end user at affordable prices. UK Wheelchairs provide top quality mobility products at sensible prices. UK Wheelchairs can not be beaten on price when it comes to mobility accessories and products that UK Wheelchairs have to offer.

UK Wheelchairs have carefully selected a number of popular mobility products & mobility accessories and have been able to negotiate special terms & prices. This in turn allows us to sell to our customers at great affordable prices

We have been involved in selling mobility products for many years and can now pass on our expertise through the exceptional quality products we have to offer.

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