Cyclone Wheelchairs

Cyclone Wheelchairs
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The Cyclone range of wheelchairs is made up of the following wheelchair types:

  • Self Propel Wheelchairs
  • Sport Wheelchairs
  • All-Terrain Wheelchairs

About Cyclone Wheelchairs

Cyclone Mobility & Fitness was founded in November 1989 by Stuart Dunne. With an educational background in engineering, Stuart had set his sights on a career in the RAF until he sustained a C6/7 spinal injury resulting from a car accident. Diagnosed tetraplegic, Stuart was hospitalised for five months, during which time he started training as an accountant.

Today, Cyclone's range of wheelchairs encompasses budget, everyday and sports wheelchairs. All chairs are hand-made on-site using premium materials and fine-tolerance construction methods, each one manufactured to the customer's precise specifications and dimensions.

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