Wheelchairs By Type

We have listed all of the types of wheelchairs that we currently have in our website. This list will grow as soon as more wheelchairs have been added, the more chairs the more categories or types of wheelchairs.

Basic introduction to the types of wheelchairs.

There are tons of wheelchairs on the market but choosing the right type of chair for your individual needs can be a daunting task. Take a look at the following list and ask yourself:

  • What kind of wheelchair do you need
  • What does my disability prevent me from doing
  • Do I need a chair all the time
  • What type - electric, attendant or a self propelled wheelchair

The basics of a wheelchair is as the name says - a chair on wheels, but obviously with some modifications and extras, like footrests.

The day-to-day manual wheelchair comes in two main variants: Folding (partial and full) and Rigid (no parts fold). The trend goes towards a rigid wheelchair, although they are bulky when transporting them, they are preferred due to the lightness and rigidity.

Many transit and self propelled wheelchairs are now built using top materials such as Titanium and Carbon Fibre. Rigid wheelchairs tend to be made from a lightweight material.

General Types Of Wheelchairs

  • Active Wheelchairs
  • All Terrain Wheelchairs
  • Attendant, Carer or Companion (aka) Transit Wheelchairs
  • Beach Wheelchairs
  • Commode Wheelchairs
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • Evacuation, Porterage, Transfer or Travel (aka) Transport Wheelchairs
  • Fixed Frame (aka) Rigid Wheelchairs
  • Folding Wheelchairs
  • Heavy Duty (aka) Bariatric Wheelchairs
  • Paediatric, Pediatric or Kids (aka) Children's Wheelchairs
  • Power Wheelchairs (aka) Powerchairs
  • Reclining Wheelchairs
  • Self Propel or Manual (aka) Self Propelled Wheelchairs
  • Shower Wheelchairs
  • ** Sport or Sports Wheelchairs
  • Standing Wheelchairs
  • Tilt In Space Wheelchairs
  • Tilt Power (aka) Tilt in Space Electric Wheelchairs

(aka) = also known as
** = Sport wheelchairs fall under the individual sport art e.g Basketball or Rugby Wheelchair.