About Wheelchair Review

This website has come about due to the lack of unbiased wheelchair information and wheelchair reviews that can be found in the internet.

Serious non-biased information about wheelchairs is hard to come by - trust me I know.

After searching for a wheelchair for my father I decided to create this website. Speaking to sales people who want to sell you their wheelchairs come what may isnt helpfull when choosing the right wheelchair for a specific need or for a specific function.

This website has taken a lot longer to build than expected, but I think it will be a valuable resource in time for those wanting to buy a wheelchair.

Submitting a Wheelchair Review

Choosing a wheelchair isn't easy and all information and experience(s) can help to make that hard choice.

This website is "not a blog" it is a serious website that hopes to become a useful source of information, so please, when submitting a wheelchair review, keep it factual and constructive. A line of text stating "This wheelchair is good" doesnt say much, it says that you find the wheelchair fitting for your individual needs but doesnt help others in making a choice.

Please supply all information that is asked for in the wheelchair review form - the subject has already been filled out for you.

When a review has been submitted it is manually assessed and then added to the wheelchairs page. Reviews that contain abusive language are/will not be added to the website. This website isnt here to spread negativeness against any wheelchair manufacturer - constructive critic is wanted.

If a wheelchair doesnt meet your standards or it fell apart after a couple of days then say that, but please say it in a manner that isnt rude.

Wheelchair Categories Explained

The website contains various types of wheelchairs. The main wheelchair categories are:

  • Self Propel Wheelchairs
  • Childrens Wheelchairs
  • Transit Wheelchairs
  • Bariatric Wheelchairs
  • Sports Wheelchairs
  • Power & Electric Wheelchairs

These are the main types of wheelchairs that can currently be found on the market and so I have generalised the categories to contain exactly what they say - if a wheelchair manufacturer has a Childrens Electric Wheelchair then it will be found in the "Electric Wheelchairs" section of their sub-sections and not in the "Childrens Wheelchairs" section.

This may be a little confusing but the sections have been created on the main aspect of the wheelchair: Electric, Transit, Self Propel etc.

Thankyou for visiting the site and I hope it has provided you with the information that you were looking for.

Regards, Mark