Some of the Wheelchairs Found on Wheelchair Review

Welcome to Wheelchair Review

Wheelchair Review is as the name states a website for wheelchair user's to express their honest opinion(s) about wheelchairs that can be found on the current mobility market.

Currently you can find 12 wheelchair manufacturers with over 300 wheelchairs within the site, but as time goes on there will be many more.

The site is continuously being updated with new wheelchairs and new categories. We will shortly be adding two more categories: Wheelchair Accessories Reviews and Wheelchair Demonstration Videos.

If you would like to suggest a wheelchair that you find should be added to the site then please use the "Suggest a Wheelchair" navigation point at the top of the page.

What's in Wheelchair Review ?

We strive to show all of the major wheelchair manufacturers from the UK and international manufacturers that retail in the UK. Some models here are not readily available in the UK.

There is an extensive range of wheelchairs in the mobility market today, some of the types of wheelchairs that can be found within this website are listed below:

Self Propel Wheelchairs, Transit Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs, Power Wheelchairs, Sport Wheelchairs, Tilt In Space Wheelchairs, Tilt Power Wheelchairs, Bariatric Self Propel Wheelchairs, Bariatric Transit Wheelchairs, Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs, Bariatric Power Wheelchairs, Children's Self Propel Wheelchairs, Children's Transit Wheelchairs, Children's Electric Wheelchairs, Children's Power Wheelchairs, Children's Tilt In Space Wheelchairs

This site doesn't only have wheelchairs, it also has an extensive amount of wheelchair information and wheelchair guides.